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Donate now, save a dog's life!

We are now a part of a new affiliate program with Health Extension Pet Care. This started in an effort to find affordable dog food but ended up being more!

You can buy items and we get a percentage of the proceeds. 

Americas #1 Rated Holistic Pet Foods (


THANK YOU to the Rotary Club of Grundy County 
for their continued support to help us help the fur-babies!

The shelter has many needs, and you can help!

The shelter has a number of ongoing expenses that are necessary for a safe and smooth operation. When you choose to give to Easy’s, you are helping us to cover these costs:

  • Utilities (electric, water, etc.)

  • Bedding & blankets

  • Pet food

  • Vet fees, including spaying/neutering, etc.

  • Straw for the outdoor kennels

2023 Donations Almost $30,000!

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Mail a Donation:

Easy's Dog Shelter

PO Box 787, Tracy City, TN 37387

or drop it off at

1607 Altamont Street, Tracy City, TN 37387

In 2023, our supporters gave towards a new building, vaccines and other shelter expenses.
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