The Girls

Email for more photos. If you have questions that aren't answered here, just give my shelter a call! 423-760-7922.

(ages & weights are approximates, breeds are best-guess-mix)

I'm Star

Breed                                              Color            DOB                        Sex                Hair

Amer Staffordshire Terrier/   Black            01-05-22                Female        Medium

Cane Corso



Hello. My name is Star, pleased to meet you! Friendly, loving, and waiting to meet you! I'm fairly quiet, and very well-mannered. Also, I am a snuggler, so come on by and snuggle with me, you'll be sure to take me home. Even though I'm friendly, and I get along with all the other dogs, I stand my ground and won't let others intimidate me. So, feel free to bring my future siblings so we can get to know each other properly. Hope to see you soon!

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Low                      40lbs           Yes                            No                  No

I'm Bonnie

Breed                                                  Color           DOB                       Sex              Hair

Amer Staffordshire Terrier/        Tan               01-03-21               Female      Short

Anatolian Shepherd



Hi. I'm Bonnie. I really like having a playmate that understands what I'm saying. I'm gentle and kind, but very shy around people. Even though I'm shy, I like to be out and about to visit with all my shelter-mates, all the time! I really like to play and wrestle with friends that are my size. Come to the shelter to meet me, because I really would love to find my fur-ever home!

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              44lbs           Yes                            No                  No

I'm Nebula

Breed                                                    Color            DOB                      Sex              Hair

Amer Staffordshire Terrier/         White            05-28-19             Female      Short

Lab                                                             copper



My new name is Nebula - after the most beautiful constellation in the sky. I am doing so much better after having been at Easy's! They are working with me to accept that the other dogs want to be around the people at the same time I do. I wasn't raised by nice people, so when I find a good one, I want to protect them. I would do best in a house without any other pets.  My teeth have been filed because I was a bait dog for a short while. But I am so very friendly to my people! You could be my new people!

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              40lbs           No                             No                  No

I'm Jewel

Breed                               Color            DOB                      Sex              Hair

Canarian Hound/        White/          05-24-21              Female      Short

Pointer                                  tan



Hello there! Pleased to meet you, I'm Jewel. I'm still considered a puppy, so I am adventurous and curious! I like to know what everyone else is doing, sniffing, and chewing on all the time so I wander around the play yard a lot. I get along with most of my shelter-mates, but I don't really like it when they pay a lot of attention to me, I kind of like to be left alone. But I am a happy, adventurous gal, and can't wait for my next adventure with my new fur-ever family! (These pics are a little old, but I'm just a tad taller and leaner.)

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              65lbs           No                             No                  No

I'm Lucia

Breed                          Color            DOB                      Sex              Hair

Doberman/               Brindle/      03-02-22              Female       Short

Pinscher                           tan



Lucia here! I am a very sweet, attentive girl who really likes to play with other dogs close to my size. I am a little vocal, but I also listen well and want my people to be happy and love me! Most days I just run around the play yard and look for someone to play with. I'm very energetic and would love for my new fur-ever home to have a yard to run in. Come on down and see my fun-loving nature, my playful attitude, my free spirit, and my friendly attitude! 

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              40lbs           Yes                             No                  Yes

I'm Dixie

Breed                                        Color            DOB                      Sex              Hair

Anatolian Shepherd/          Tan                09-23-08              Female       Short




I'm Dixie, nice to meet you! Or hopefully soon anyway...come down to the Shelter to see just how sweet I am. I get along with everyone, don't cause many problems, I do well on a leash, and like to explore and see new things. I get tired on walks though, so short walks with me are better. I mostly want to be an inside dog and will let you know when it's time for me to come inside my new fur-ever home.

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              45lbs           No                             No                  No

I'm Mable

Breed                             Color            DOB                      Sex              Hair

Boxer                              Brindle         10-04-21              Female      Medium



Hello. I'm Mable. You can probably tell from my photos that I am very shy and skittish around people. I wasn't treated very well so I'm still learning that people can be my friends and there are good people that will treat me with love and kindness. That being said, I am very friendly once I get to know a person and love to get attention. I just need a fur-ever family that will be patient with me and teach me a few things, like being house and leash trained. If you come to meet me, I will do my best to not shy away, but it may take some time. I just want to feel loved and be taken care of properly.

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              45lbs           Yes                             No                  No

I'm Dixie

Breed                             Color            DOB                      Sex              Hair

Labrador                       Blonde         1-19-19                Female      Short



Dixie here! I'm an energetic young lady who loves to see who's coming to see me. I was in a house until recently so I'm mostly house trained, and I really like to play with my shelter mates. I'm not very vocal, mostly I just roam the play yard looking for someone to play. I'm taller than most of my shelter-mates, which makes it easier for me to see you when you come to visit!

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              60lbs           Yes                            No                  No

I'm BJ

Breed                             Color            DOB                      Sex              Hair

Whippet                        White            11-20-20              Female      Short



BJ (Best Joy, I think that's what it stands for) here! I am shy, a little skittish, but snuggle right into your neck when you pick me up. I get along well with my shelter-mates but prefer dogs my size because I'm kind of small. So, come to the Shelter to visit me and let's see if I can win your heart too.

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              20lbs           Yes                            No                  No

I'm Roxy

Breed                     Color                         DOB                      Sex              Hair

Heeler                    Salt/Pepper            11-03-20              Female      Medium                               



Roxy here, hey y'all! I'm hoping to find my new fur-ever home. My old one had to surrender me because they were getting too old to take care of a dog. I'm a good one! I'm excited. I love attention. I'm wiggly when I'm scared though. If you come to the Shelter, spend a little time with me, I'll win you over in no time!

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Medium              40lbs           Yes                            No                  No

I'm Brown Sugar

Breed                      Color                         DOB                      Sex              Hair

Hound/                   Red/White               11-29-21              Female      Short




I am Brown Sugar - don't ask me why, that's just the name the Sheter picked for me. I kinda like it! So, I'm very shy, have spent most of my life outside living under a house with various other dogs so I get along well with dogs, it's people I am unsure of. I do like the Shelter people, quite a lot. I'm sure I would like you too if you took the time - I would need to learn to trust you. If you are a kind, patient human, won't you come visit?

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Some                   40lbs           No                             No                  Yes

I'm Sasha

Breed                      Color                         DOB                      Sex              Hair

Hound/                   Tan/White               11-21-20               Female      Medium




Hey all. Sasha here. I'm Easy's first three-legged dog and boy do I surprise them! Every day I'm showing them that three legs is not a disability - I run, I play, I jump, I crouch, I meet-n-greet...I can do it all. I've had only three legs for long enough to learn that I am still a normal pup who wants to have a fur-ever home and show my new fur-ever family just how capable I am!

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Some                   30lbs           No                             No                  No

I'm Nessy

Breed                      Color                         DOB                      Sex              Hair

Chow                       Tan                             12-02-19               Female      Long



Hey all. I'm Nessy. I grew up with kids but need to be socialized so a meet-n-greet with my new fur-ever family would be best. I love small dogs, but not chickens, cats, or rabbits. I do need to be in a secure, fenced in yard, or I may run off (electric collars don't faze me). I am house trained though! I do need some special attention or I tend to get a little bit of an attitude.

Shedding          Weight      Spay/Neuter       Leashed     Crated

Some                   30lbs           No                             No                  Yes