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Why should I adopt a dog?

When you adopt a shelter dog, you not only save a life, but you make space for other animals in need. Beyond the obvious gift of giving the dog a chance to live outside the walls of a shelter, you’ll have a life-long friend who will help you unwind at the end of a long day, will never judge you and is always happy to see you!

Adoption Information

Complete the Adoption Contract, email it to, pay the fee and pick up your new best friend. It's as simple as that! Contact us at 423-760-7922 if you have any questions/ concerns about the dog you are wanting to adopt, and to schedule a date and time to give a deserving fur-baby their new fur-ever home!

A Letter from Our Dogs

Dear My New Owner,

Please think about the environment you  are bringing me into. Am I okay with kids? Do I like to jump fences or chew through leashes? I promise I just want to be the goodest dog for you, but sometimes it can be really hard for me to adjust, especially if I am not given the proper amount of time. Some of my shelter-mates have been through some traumatizing experiences and it may take a while for them to adjust, but please don't just give up on us. This 3/3/3 rule is very helpful especially if you have never owned a dog before. Please call Easy's if you have any second thoughts or concerns! 

       Lots of Love,

          Dogs at Easy's

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How do I adopt a pet?

You can adopt your new pet through a shelter or rescue/ adoption agency – like Easy’s! Call and we can arrange for you to meet potential pets.

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Are there any adoption requirements?

You’ll be required to complete an Adoption Application and pay the fee. You can schedule a family meet-n-greet with people and other pets. 

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How do I avoid picking the wrong dog?

You should choose a dog that fits with your activity level, character, and home life. Also, you need to consider whether the pet will get along well with other pets or kids. 

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How do I prepare for my pet?

You should dog-proof your home and include a safe zone for them to adapt to their new surroundings. This can be stressful, so be patient. Have their food, water and toys ready when they arrive. 

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Are pets for adoption healthy?

At our shelter, we examine, bathe, flea/ tick, deworm, vaccinate and spay/ neuter our dogs (time permitting) prior to adoption. They always have food, water and clean living quarters.

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