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Easy’s Dog Shelter is in Grundy County, TN

Who are we?

Our purpose is to relieve the discomfort, pain and hunger of our community's dogs and find them a home where their care is a priority.


We take abused, neglected and abandoned dogs to give them the life they deserve - one filled with love, care and compassion. We often work closely with the Grundy County Sheriff and the Tracy City Police Department to execute dog rescue operations. Our service area typically includes Grundy County and the surrounding counties, although we have taken in dogs from other counties and even other states.

Once animals are in our care, we place them in a comfortable, clean environment. They are carefully inspected and treated for fleas/ ticks and dewormed, we also administer vaccines at this time (DAPP and Bordetella). We spay/ neuter each dog as soon as we can (rabies is administered at this time). Their pictures and information are posted to our site and other adoption agencies, and together we work to find them homes. All our dogs have a fee associated with their adoption to help cover this care, but it’s still less expensive than buying a dog from a breeder and paying for their shots as an owner. (We can also arrange a veterinarian to provide validated paperwork of their care.)

The operation was founded by Andy Wostal (CEO), and he runs it with Lynn Borchert (Shelter Liaison, Secretary), Joey Vredenburgh (Board Member), Kamryn Vredenburgh (Board Member), Cassidy Strong (Board Member), Graycee Ingram (Board Member), Jackie Starks (Treasurer) and Tim Glover (Vice President). Easy's receives calls daily to pick up dogs of all ages and breeds. Because of the number of dogs rescued, the shelter has a constant need for small blankets, towels, straw, dog houses and monetary donations. This is especially helpful in the winter or for the puppy pit (the nursery). Any of these things that you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Contact us or message us on Facebook to arrange a donation.

Meet the People

a partner in good standing


We have been honored with one of the first Top-Rated Awards of 2021 from GreatNonprofits!


tnAchieves is the state’s partnering organization with the TN Promise scholarship, which allows Tennessee high school graduates the opportunity to attend a community college, TCAT or an eligible 4-year institution free of tuition and mandatory fees. TN Promise students must complete 8 hours of community service each semester to maintain their scholarship eligibility.   


We are an Approved Shelter!





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