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Easy's Featured Pet

Eno here! Nice to meet ya! I'm friendly, a little submissive, and cute as a button! I was found by a nice older couple who just couldn't keep me and take care of me. I love pets, too! I'm not very loud and love to play with my shelter-mates. I am a sweet girl, so come to the Shelter and meet me!



If you have questions that aren't answered here just give my shelter a call! 423-760-7922

Preparing for Summer/ Fall

Stay Safe
Along with the summer heat’s last hurrah, there are a few common autumn dangers for pups to watch out for.

  • There are potentially dangerous blue-green algae blooms, particularly in freshwater lakes and streams.

  • Oaks and acorns are prevalent amongst the fall foliage. Keep an eye on your pup around these as they are toxic if ingested.

  • Piles of moldy leaves could cause a stomach ache if ingested. Remember, playing in leaves is fun, but don’t allow your pet to eat them.

  • Watch out for abandoned candies from holiday festivities that may contain

  • chocolate or xylitol which are both toxic to dogs.

  • Antifreeze is another common fall toxin for dogs that you might find during your morning walks. Keep an eye on your dog and discourage any scavenging.

Source: Dogs in Autumn: Guide to Keep Your Pup Prepped for the Season · The Wildest

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paw print_edited.jpg
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Meet-n-Greet Area

When you're ready to visit, we can bring any dog into the Meet-n-Greet area so you can get acquainted with them with few distractions. Also, this area can be used to introduce your pets and the entire family to them to make sure they will be good siblings. Stop in!


Spay/ Neuter Please 'n Thanks!

Spaying/ neutering your pet helps control the pet homelessness crisis, which results in millions of healthy animals being euthanized in the U.S. each year because there aren’t enough homes. There are also medical and behavioral benefits:
  • Spaying female pets may help them live longer, healthier lives

  • Neutering male pets:

    • may prevent testicular cancer and some prostate problems

    • may make them less likely to roam

    • may help them be better behaved

Spaying/ neutering your pets is also highly cost-effective. The cost of your pet's spay/ neuter surgery is far less than the cost of having and caring for a litter.​

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